Best Jack the Ripper Books
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The Best Books About Jack The Ripper

“What are the best books about Jack The Ripper?” We looked at 58 of the top Jack The Ripper books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!

The top 9 titles, all appearing on 2 or more “Best Jack The Ripper” book lists, are ranked below by how many lists they appear on. The remaining 40+ titles, as well as the lists we used are in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page.

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Top 9 Books About Jack the Ripper

9 .) Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell written by Stewart P. Evans

Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell

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Locked in an eerily quiet room on the Titanic, a dying man tells a young girl his life story as the ship begins to sink. It all starts in Whitechapel, London in 1888, as the Ripper murders began.

8 .) Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed written by Patricia Cornwell

Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed

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Jack the Ripper is back, and he’s coming for Rory next….Louisiana teenager Rory Deveaux arrives in London to start a new life at boarding school just as a series of brutal murders mimicking the horrific Jack the Ripper killing spree of more than a century ago has broken out across the city. The police are left with few leads and no witnesses. Except one. Rory spotted the man believed to be the prime suspect. But she is the only one who saw him – the only one who can see him. And now Rory has become his next target…unless she can tap her previously unknown abilities to turn the tables.

7 .) The Candle Man written by Alex Scarrow

The Candle Man

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In Dust and Shadow Sherlock Holmes hunts down Jack the Ripper with impeccably accurate historical detail, rooting the Whitechapel investigation in the fledgling days of tabloid journalism and clinical psychology. This astonishing debut explores the terrifying prospect of hunting down one of the world’s first serial killers without the advantage of modern forensics or profiling. Sherlock’s desire to stop the killer who is terrifying the East End of London is unwavering from the start, and in an effort to do so he hires an “unfortuate” known as Mary Ann Monk, the friend of a fellow streetwalker who was one of the Ripper’s earliest victims. However, when Holmes himself is wounded in Whitechapel attempting to catch the villain, and a series of articles in the popular press question his role in the crimes, he must use all his resources in a desperate race to find the man known as “The Knife” before it is too late. Penned as a pastiche by the loyal and courageous Dr. Watson, Dust and Shadow recalls the ideals evinced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most beloved and world-renowned characters, while testing the limits of their strength in a fight to protect the women of London, Scotland Yard, and the peace of the city itself.

6 .) The Complete Jack the Ripper written by Donald Rumbelow

The Complete Jack the Ripper

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  • Jack The Ripper

Halfway along Commercial Street in London, close to Spitalfields Market, is an anonymous service road, which was once Dorset Street, known as the worst street in the Capital. It was once notorious for the haunt of thieves, con-men, pimps, prostitutes and murderers, most notably Jack the Ripper. This publication chronicles the rise and fall of this remarkable street, from its promising beginnings in the 17th century as the centre of the silk weaving industry, through its gradual descent into iniquity, vice and violence to its final demise in the hands of the demolition men.

5 .) The Worst Street in London written by Fiona Rule

The Worst Street in London

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  • Goodreads

A comprehensive account of London’s celebrated East End killer, revised and updated. The murders in London between 1888-91 attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved criminal cases. This story is the result of many years meticulous research. The author reassesses all the evidence and challenges everything we thought we knew about the Victorian serial killer and the vanished East End he terrorized.

4 .) What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James & Jack the Ripper written by Paula Marantz Cohen

What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James & Jack the Ripper

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  • Goodreads

The name Jack the Ripper is instantly recognised throughout the world, yet many people are unaware that the famous nickname first appeared in a letter or that this was where the whole legend of Jack the Ripper really began. This title poses a controversial question: was Jack the Ripper merely a press invention?

3 .) Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings written by Dr. John H. Watson

Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings

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Few stories have fastened their claws so firmly into the public imagination as the notorious and gruesome Whitechapel Murders of 1888. They were responsible for one of the most evocative legends in English folk history – Jack the Ripper. Best of all – for the myth-makers, that is – he was never caught, and there has never been a convincing identification of this man or, as some suggest, woman, who stabbed and disembowelled a succession of East End prostitutes, and left them bleeding in the gaslit streets of Victorian London. This book now lays out all the known evidence in a sumary of the facts and theories that have been written and spoken about the Ripper.

2 .) The Complete History of Jack the Ripper written by Philip Sugden

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper

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  • Jack The Ripper

In the fall of 1888, all of London was held in the grip of unspeakable terror. An elusive madman calling himself Jack the Ripper was brutally butchering women in the slums of London’s East End. Police seemed powerless to stop the killer, who delighted in taunting them and whose crimes were clearly escalating in violence from victim to victim. And then the Ripper’s violent spree seemingly ended as abruptly as it had begun. He had struck out of nowhere and then vanished from the scene. Decades passed, then fifty years, then a hundred, and the Ripper’s bloody sexual crimes became anemic and impotent fodder for puzzles, mystery weekends, crime conventions, and so-called “Ripper Walks” that end with pints of ale in the pubs of Whitechapel. But to number-one New York Times bestselling novelist Patricia Cornwell, the Ripper murders are not cute little mysteries to be transformed into parlor games or movies but rather a series of terrible crimes that no one should get away with, even after death. Now Cornwell applies her trademark skills for meticulous research and scientific expertise to dig deeper into the Ripper case than any detective before her—and reveal the true identity of this fabled Victorian killer. In Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed, Cornwell combines the rigorous discipline of twenty-first century police investigation with forensic techniques undreamed of during the late Victorian era to solve one of the most infamous and difficult serial murder cases in history.

1 .) The Name of the Star written by Maureen Johnson

The Name of the Star

Lists It Appears On:

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  • Bustle
  • Goodreads

An invalid for most her life, Alice James is quite used to people underestimating her. And she generally doesn’t mind. But this time she is not about to let things alone. Yes, her brother Henry may be a famous author, and her other brother William a rising star in the new field of psychology. But when they all find themselves quite unusually involved in the chase for a most vile new murderer-one who goes by the chilling name of Jack the Ripper-Alice is certain of two things: No one could be more suited to gather evidence about the nature of the killer than her brothers. But if anyone is going to correctly examine the evidence and solve the case, it will have to be up to her.

The 40+ Additional Best Books About Or Featuring Jack The Ripper

10A Taste for MonstersMatthew J. KirbyGoodreads
11Anno DraculaKim NewmanGoodreads
 Jack The Ripper
13DowntimeTamara AllenBustle
14From HellAlan MooreGoodreads
15I, RipperStephen HunterGoodreads
16Jack the RipperMark WhiteheadGoodreads
17Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel MurdersSpiro DimolianisGoodreads
18Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard’s Prime SuspectRobert HouseGoodreads
19Jack the Ripper and the London PressL. Perry Curtis Jr.Goodreads
20Jack the Ripper: An EncyclopediaJohn J. EddlestonGoodreads
21Jack the Ripper: CSI: WhitechapelPaul BeggGoodreads
22Jack the Ripper: First American Serial KillerStewart P. EvansGoodreads
23Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation: A Top Murder Squad Detective Reveals the Ripper’s Identity at Last!Trevor MarriottGoodreads
24Jack the Ripper: The CasebookRichard JonesGoodreads
25Jack the Ripper: The Definitive HistoryPaul BeggGoodreads
26Jack the Ripper: The FactsPaul BeggGoodreads
27Jack the Ripper: The Final SolutionStephen KnightGoodreads
28Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a WomanJohn MorrisGoodreads
29Jack the Ripper: The Simple TruthBruce PaleyGoodreads
30Jack the Ripper: The Uncensored FactsPaul BeggGoodreads
31LostGregory MaguireBustle
32MayhemSarah PinboroughGoodreads
33Naming Jack the RipperRussell EdwardsGoodreads
34Now You See MeSharon J. BoltonGoodreads
35RipperAmy Carol ReevesGoodreads
36RipperStefan PetruchaGoodreads
37Savage,Richard Laymon
Barnes And Noble
38Stalking Jack the RipperKerri ManiscalcoGoodreads
39The Autobiography of Jack the RipperJames CarnacGoodreads
40The Bank Holiday Murders: The True Story of the First Whitechapel MurdersTom WescottGoodreads
41The Complete and Essential Jack the RipperPaul BeggGoodreads
42The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Discovery, the Investigation, the Authentication, the DebateShirley HarrisonGoodreads
43The Jack the Ripper A to ZMartin FidoGoodreads
44The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs: Dutfield’s Yard and the Whitby CollectionPhilip HutchinsonGoodreads
45The London Underworld in the Victorian Period: Authentic First-Person Accounts by Beggars, Thieves and ProstitutesHenry MayhewGoodreads
46The Mammoth Book of Jack the RipperMaxim JakubowskiGoodreads
47The Map of TimeFélix J. PalmaGoodreads
48The News From Whitechapel: Jack The Ripper In The Daily TelegraphAlexander ChisholmGoodreads
49The Tea RoseJennifer DonnellyGoodreads
50The Ultimate Jack the Ripper CompanionStewart P. EvansGoodreads
 Jack The Ripper
52The Whitechapel Conspiracy,Anne Perry
Barnes And Noble
53The Whitechapel HorrorsEdward B. HannaGoodreads
54They All Love Jack: Busting the RipperBruce RobinsonGoodreads
55Uncle JackTony WilliamsGoodreads
56Uncovering Jack The Ripper’s LondonRichard JonesGoodreads
57Wer war Jack the Ripper? Porträt eines Killers Ranker
58Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper,Robert Bloch
Barnes And Noble

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