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Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story – The Best Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga Books

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Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story

Writers, Artists, Illustrators For Book:

Frederik Peeters

Description of Book / Series:

One summer night at a house party, Fred met Cati. Though they barely spoke, he vividly remembered her gracefulness and abandon. They meet again years later, and this time their connection is instantaneous. But when things become serious, a nervous Cati tells him that she and her three-year-old son are both HIV positive. With great beauty and economy, author and artist Frederick Peeters traces the development of their intimacy and their revelatory relationship with a doctor whose affection and frankness allow them to fully realize their passionate connection. Then Cati’s son gets sick, bringing Fred face to face with death. It forces him to question the meaning of life, illness, and love – until a Socratic dialogue with a mammoth helps him recognize that living with illness is also a gift; it has freed him to savor his life with Cati.” “As in the best graphic memoirs, Blue Pills puts into art and human terms a daunting subject in a way that is refreshingly honest and profoundly accessible.

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story Volumes/Omnibuses

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story

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