The Best Comics, Graphic Novels, And Mangas

Everyone has blind spots when it comes to reading. There are so many genres and authors that you feel like you should read, but just don’t know where to break in. That is one reason we make our normal lists that rank the best books in certain genres or by a specific author (see our Best Books Section). One of those areas that are so large and varying and ever-increasing in popularity is the world of Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga. We know there is a debate on if those are even the terms that should be used for the mediums, but for the sake of simplicity we are going to move forward using them. We will also be throwing some other types of similar works (online comics, etc.) into this group of books which surely won’t rub anyone the wrong way.

Instead of our normal article aggregation, we are trying something new by asking one of our contributors who wants to break into the massive world of Graphic Novels and comics what they were interested in and create a specialized list from other contributors suggestions.

The genres and descriptors that our contributor gave for what types of books they were interested in were:

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Classics
  • New Classics
  • Weird/Obscure
  • Helpful For Understanding Upcoming Movies
  • Preferably no Batman, Iron Man, Captain America (Nothing against any of them, just a little fatigued from all of their movies)
  • Female Lead Or Female Writer
  • International Works
  • Important Or Slice Of Life

So after the list of possible books that could fall under at least one of those descriptors was down to 95% of all comics, graphic novels, and manga ever made, our other contributors made their list of suggestions. Below you will find an alphabetical list of the titles (mostly omnibus’s) that our contributors suggested with a link to a short little post giving a description of the book or series. This list will probably grow and evolve as we think of or discover more books that should be included.

Our Graphic Novel, Comic, and Manga Recommendations