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Today’s Favorite Comic, Manga, Graphic Novel:

Kill 6 Billion Demons

Writers, Artists, Illustrators For Book:

Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Description of Book / Series:

Post-grad Allison Ruth has a problem. More specifically, her boyfriend has been kidnapped by dimension-hopping knights, a dying warrior has imbued her with a great and ancient power and she herself has been whisked away to Throne, the city at the center of all worlds. Stranded in a bizarre land of nightmarish creatures, slang-talking devils, and king-fu angels, Allison must undertake an epic quest to save her boyfriend from the clutches of the seven evil god-kings that rule the multiverse.

Kill 6 Billion Demons Volumes/Omnibuses

Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 1

Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 1

Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 2

Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 2

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