Best Books To Learn French
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The Best Books For Learning French

“What are the best books for Learning French?” We looked at 220 of the top French books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!

The top 14 titles, all appearing on 2 or more “Best French Language” book lists, are ranked below by how many lists they appear on. The remaining 200 titles, as well as the lists we used are in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page.

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Top 14 Books For Learning French

14 .) Contacts: Langue et culture françaises by Jean-Paul Valette & Rebecca Valette

Contacts: Langue et culture françaisesLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • Vista Wide

One of the most popular and trusted introductory French programs available, CONTACTS: LANGUE ET CULTURE FRANÇAISES is renowned for its superior grammar sequencing, four-skills presentation and practice, vocabulary control, and supportive pedagogy. More learner friendly than ever, the new ninth edition features an all-new design while maintaining hallmark strengths like logical progression and clear organization, which have successfully served more than half a million CONTACTS users. The program reflects the realities of the contemporary French and Francophone worlds while effectively preparing readers for work, study, and travel abroad with its practical illustrations and activities.

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13 .) En bonne forme by Simone Renaud & Dominique van Hooff

En bonne formeLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • Vista Wide

A complete intermediate programme written in French based on the conviction that a solid knowledge of grammar is important. However, students are also given ample opportunity throughout to improve all four skills -reading, writing, listening and speaking. All readings are chosen to illustrate grammar points.

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12 .) Ensemble, C’est Tout

Ensemble, C'est ToutLists It Appears On:

  • Francai Simmersion
  • French Your Way

L’action se déroule à Paris, au pied de la tour Eiffel très exactement, et couvre une année. Ce livre raconte la rencontre puis les frictions, la tendresse, l’amitié, les coups de gueule, les réconciliations et tout le reste encore, tout ce qui se passe entre quatre personnes vivant sous un même toit. Quatre personnes qui n’avaient rien en commun au départ et qui n’auraient jamais dû se rencontrer. Un aristocrate bègue, une jeune femme épuisée, une vieille mémé têtue et un cuisinier grossier. Tous sont pleins de bleus, pleins de bosses et tous ont un cœur gros comme ça (non, plus gros encore !)… C’est la théorie des dominos à l’envers. Ces quatre-là s’appuient les uns sur les autres mais au lieu de se faire tomber, ils se relèvent. On appelle ça l’amour.

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11 .) Entre amis by Michael Oates

Entre amisLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • Vista Wide

Entre amis is a performance-oriented program designed to expand students’ interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communicative skills by presenting and rehearsing situations similar to those they will encounter in real life. Based on a progressive approach, Entre amis features thorough coverage of all four-language skills with a strong emphasis on oral communication. The language presented and practiced is always embedded in a French cultural context.

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10 .) Et si c’était vrai

Et si c'était vraiLists It Appears On:

  • Francai Simmersion
  • French Your Way

What do you do when you find a stranger in your closet; particularly when she’s surprised that you can even see her — and she can disappear and reappear at whim? What if she then tells you that her body is actually in a coma on the other side of town? Should you have her see a psychiatrist or should you consult one yourself? Or do you take a chance and believe in her, and allow yourself to be swept up in an extraordinary adventure? This is the beginning of the dilemma that Arthur, a young San Francisco architect, is faced with when he discovers Lauren in his apartment. Arthur is the only man who can share Lauren’s secret, the only one who can see her, hear her, and talk to her when no one else so much as senses her presence. So when doctors prepare to end Lauren’s physical care — which would destroy the magical bond she and Arthur cherish — he must find a way to save her. For, after all, it is only her love that can save him. “If Only It Were True” is a heartwarming love story impossible to forget, an adventure that is by turns breathtaking and hilarious — a captivating tale that evokes the essence of romance and our boundless capacity to believe.

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9 .) French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture by

French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and CultureLists It Appears On:

  • Vista Wide
  • Vista Wide

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8 .) Larousse French-English Dictionary

Larousse French-English DictionaryLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • French Crazy

This newly revised Larousse Concise Dictionary is ideal for the more sophisticated traveler, business person, student, and anyone interested in achieveing greater fluency in contemporary French and English. The clear typographical layout and style, together with detailed treatment of vocabulary allows the user to quickly grasp the important nuances of language and translate and comprehend accurately. Containing 250,000 words, phrases, and translations, it is an ideal companion for both general and professional use.

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7 .) Le Petit Prince

Le Petit PrinceLists It Appears On:

  • Francai Simmersion
  • French Your Way

Moral allegory and spiritual autobiography, The Little Prince is the most translated book in the French language. With a timeless charm it tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe, learning the vagaries of adult behaviour through a series of extraordinary encounters. His personal odyssey culminates in a voyage to Earth and further adventures.

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6 .) Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach by Wolfgang Fischer & Anne-Marie Plouhinec

Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic ApproachLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • The French Post

This French word-power builder presents more than 5,000 words and phrases with translations into English. The feature that makes this vocabulary book distinctive is the way words are divided into themes, grouped together so that the foreign traveler or language student can find words related by subject. The subject themes include business terms, medical terms, household terms, scientific words and phrases, units of measurement, clothing, food and dining, transportation, art and culture:24 separate themes in all. The new second edition has been expanded and updated with increased vocabulary.

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5 .) Mise en scène: cinéma et lecture by Cheryl Krueger & Elizabeth Dolly Weber & Brigitte G

Mise en scène: cinéma et lectureLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • Vista Wide

Mise en scene: Cinema et lecture uniquely motivates students to build and practice their French language skills through the study of film by balancing attention to content, culture, and communication. Using authentic films and readings created for French-speaking audiences, Mise en scene guides students to expand their capacity to use French as they engage independently with these materials and interactively with fellow students and native speakers.

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4 .) Moments Litteraires: An Anthology for Intermediate French by Bette Hirsch & Chantal Thompson

Moments Litteraires: An Anthology for Intermediate FrenchLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • Vista Wide

Using a proficiency-oriented approach, Moments litteraires provides intermediate- to advanced-level French students with an excellent introduction to French and francophone literary masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the present day. The selections are carefully chosen for their popular appeal, student interest, and linguistic accessibility. An innovative pre- and post-reading apparatus allows students to increase their proficiency in the four skills as they develop a working knowledge of French literature.

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3 .) Le Petit Nicolas et les Copains by Rene Goscinny

Le Petit Nicolas et les CopainsLists It Appears On:

  • Francai Simmersion
  • French Your Way
  • ILA France

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2 .) Easy French Step-by-step by Myrna Bell Rochester

Easy French Step-by-stepLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • French Crazy
  • The French Post

Get up and running with French Easy French Step-by-Step proves that a solid grounding in grammar basics is the key to mastering a second language. You are quickly introduced to grammatical rules and concepts in order of importance, which you can build on as you progress through the book. You will also learn more than 300 verbs, chosen by their frequency of use. Numerous exercises and engaging readings help you quickly build your speaking and comprehension prowess.

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1 .) 501 French Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses and Moods in a New Easy-To-Learn Format by Christopher Kendris

501 French Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses and Moods in a New Easy-To-Learn FormatLists It Appears On:

  • Fluent U
  • French Crazy
  • Goodreads

The new, updated edition of this popular book of French verbs and general language guide is now printed in two colors for increased ease of reference. The most important and most commonly used French verbs are presented alphabetically in chart form, one verb per page, and conjugated in all persons and tenses, both active and passive. This thorough guide to the use of verbs features many additional references and tips, including a bilingual list of more than 1,250 additional French verbs, helpful expressions and idioms for travelers, and verb drills and tests with questions answered and explained. French language students will also find an index of English-French verbs, a section on verbs used in French idiomatic expressions, and more than 1,000 additional French regular verbs conjugated like the book’s model verbs.

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The 220+ Additional French Language Books


(Titles Appear On 1 List Each)
151000 French Words in Context: A Self-Study Guide for French Language Learners (Essential Vocabulary Series Book 2)Alex ForeroGoodreads
161001 Questions to Test Your FrenchElizabeth AllenGoodreads
17101 French IdiomsJean-Marie CassagneGoodreads
18À L’Aventure: An Introduction to French Language and Francophone CulturesEvelyne Charvier-BermanVista Wide
19A plus d’un TitreFrench Your Way
20A Short Course in Reading FrenchCelia BrickmanGoodreads
21À votre tour! Intermediate FrenchJean-Paul ValetteVista Wide
22À vous d’écrire: Atelier de françaisGisèle Loriot-RaymerVista Wide
23Advanced FrenchMonique L’HuillierFluent U
24Allons-y! Le Français par étapesJeannette D. BraggerVista Wide
25Amulet: Le gardien de la pierreKazu KibuishiCBC
26An Introduction to French PronunciationGlanville PriceVista Wide
27Après vous, M. de La Fontaine… (Contrefables)French Your Way
28AstérixFrench Your Way
29Autour de la littérature. Ecriture et lecture aux cours moyens de françaisPeter SchoferVista Wide
30Berlitz Self-Teacher for FrenchThe French Post
31Better Reading French: A Reader and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written FrenchAnnie HeminwayVista Wide
Big Things, Little Things, Skinny Things, Wide Things
33Bilingual Book in English and French: Mouse – SourisColin HannGoodreads
34BoneJeff SmithCBC
35Bonne continuation: approfondissement à l’écrit et à l’oralNina M. FurryVista Wide
36Bravo!Judith MuyskensVista Wide
37Business French. An Intermediate CourseJean-Luc PenfornisVista Wide
38C’est la vie! A French ReaderEvelyne AmonVista Wide
39Can an Elephant Fit in a Box?Microsoft
40Cas pratiques pour le Francais des AffairesSalvatore FedericoVista Wide
41Ce Jour-LàFrench Your Way
42Chagrin d’EcoleFrench Your Way
43Chez Nous: Branche sur le monde francophoneAlbert ValdmanVista Wide
44Classiques pour débutantsRaymond F. ComeauVista Wide
45Collage: Révision de grammaireLucia F BakerVista Wide
46Collins-Robert French-English, English-French Dictionary =: Robert-Collins Dictionnaire Francais-Anglais, Anglais-FrancaisCollinsGoodreads
47Comme Un RomanFrench Your Way
48Communicating In French: Intermediate LevelConrad J. SchmittVista Wide
49Communicating In French: Novice LevelConrad J. SchmittVista Wide
50Complete French GrammarLarousseGoodreads
51Complete Guide to Conjugating: 12,000 French VerbsBescherelleGoodreads
52Conquering Babel: A Practical Guide to Learning a LanguageClaire HandscombeGoodreads
53Contrastes: Grammaire du français courantDenise RochatVista Wide
54Contre-Courants: Les femmes s’écrivent à travers les sièclesMary Ann CawsVista Wide
55ControversesLarbi OukadaVista Wide
56Cosmétique De L’EnnemiFrench Your Way
57Cyrano de BergeracFrench Your Way
58Débuts. An Introduction to FrenchH. Jay SiskinVista Wide
59Deux mondes: A Communicative ApproachTracy D TerrellVista Wide
60Developing Writing Skills in FrenchGraham BishopVista Wide
61Dictionnaire Des SynonymesLarousseGoodreads
62Diversité. La nouvelle francophoneJames GaaschVista Wide
Do You Know Shapes? Do You Know Sizes? Put them Together to Build the World – Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books
64Drôles de BêtesFrench Your Way
65Ecouter pour s’exprimerJames StrancelVista Wide
66Ensemble: Grammaire en actionRaymond F. ComeauVista Wide
67Ensuite: Cours intermédiaire de françaisChantal ThompsonVista Wide
68Exercices De StyleFrench Your Way
69Exercises in French PhonicsFrancis WFluent U
70Explorations: La littérature du monde français (with Système-D 3.0 CD-ROM: Writing Assistant for French)Susan SchunkVista Wide
71Facile à dire: Les Sons du françaisAnnie DuménilVista Wide
72Facon De Parler 2 Activity Book 4th editionAngela AriesGoodreads
73Facon de Parler 2 Complete Pack 4th EditionAngela AriesGoodreads
74Facon De Parler: Pt.1: French for BeginnersAngela AriesGoodreads
75Faisons le point! Discussion et reflexionKaren HarringtonVista Wide
76First French Reader for Beginners: Bilingual for Speakers of EnglishEugene GotyeGoodreads
77First French Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language BookStanley AppelbaumGoodreads
78FrenchGaëlle GrahamGoodreads
79French for Business: An Integrative Approach for Advanced BeginnersDominique Van HooffVista Wide
80French for Oral and Written ReviewCharles CarlutVista Wide
81French for ReadingKarl C. SandbergVista Wide
82French Grammar and UsageRoger HawkinsVista Wide
83French PhoneticsTrudie Maria BoothVista Wide
84French Stories/Contes Francais: A Dual-Language BookWallace FowlieGoodreads
85French Verb DrillsR. de Roussy de SalesGoodreads
86Friday or wildlife,Michel TournierILA France
87Get to Grips with French GrammarElizabeth AllenGoodreads
88Graded French Reader: Deuxième ÉtapeCamille BauerVista Wide
89Graded French Reader: Première ÉtapeCamille BauerVista Wide
90Grammaire En ClairPaul RogersGoodreads
91Grammaire Progressive du FrançaisMaïa GrégoireGoodreads
92Grammaire Progressive Du Francais Textbook + CD-ROMVariousGoodreads
93Grammaire Progressive Du Francais: CorrigesOdile ThiévenazGoodreads
94Grammmaire FrançaiseJacqueline OllivierVista Wide
95Grand Dictionnaire Allemand-Francais Francais-Allemand =: Grosssworterbuch Deutsch-Franzosisch Franzosich-DeutschPierre GrappinGoodreads
96Great French Short Stories of the Twentieth Century: A Dual-Language BookJennifer WagnerGoodreads
97Great French Tales of Fantasy/Contes fantastiques célèbres: A Dual-Language BookStanley AppelbaumGoodreads
98Hide This French BookEve-Alice Roustang-StollerGoodreads
99HorizonsJoan H. ManleyVista Wide
100I Don’t Have to Change At AllMicrosoft
101I Want to Look and Feel My BestMicrosoft
103Introduction to French Poetry: A Dual-Language BookStanley AppelbaumGoodreads
104Invitation au monde francophoneGilbert A. JarvisVista Wide
105Je veux bien!Jeannette D. BraggerVista Wide
106Jean De FloretteFrench Your Way
107Journal Infime, Lou! By Julien NeelCBC
108L’Art de Lire: Le RécitGeoffrey HopeVista Wide
109L’Enfant des NeigesFrench Your Way
110L’Essentiel de la grammaire françaiseLeon-Franco HoffmannVista Wide
111L’Or Sous la NeigeFrench Your Way
112L’élégance du hérisson
Francai Simmersion
Francai Simmersion
114La civilisation française en évolution I – Institutions et culture avant la Ve RépubliqueRonald St.OngeVista Wide
115La civilisation française en évolution II – Institutions et culture depuis la Ve RépubliqueRoss SteeleVista Wide
116La délicatesse
Francai Simmersion
117La fille de papier
Francai Simmersion
118La France contemporaineWilliam F. EdmistonVista Wide
119La Gloire De Mon PèreFrench Your Way
120La Grammaire à l’oeuvre TextJohn BarsonVista Wide
121La Part de l’AutreFrench Your Way
122La Première Nuit
Francai Simmersion
La Sorcière de la Rue Mouffetard et Autres Contes de la Rue Broca
French Your Way
124La Vénus d’IlleFrench Your Way
125Langenscheidt Praktisches Lehrbuch FranzösischBraco LukenicGoodreads
126Langenscheidts Handwörterbuch, Französisch DeutschManfred BleherGoodreads
127Langenscheidts Volkswörterbuch Französisch. Französisch-Deutsch / Deutsch-FranzösischLangenscheidtGoodreads
128Larousse Advanced Dictionary, Grand Dictionnaire French/English English/FrenchLarousseGoodreads
129Larousse Dictionnaire Des Difficultes De La Langue FrancaiseAdolphe V. ThomasGoodreads
130Le Bon UsageFluent U
131Le Bourgeois GentilhommeFrench Your Way
132Le Château de Ma MèreFrench Your Way
133Le Comte de Monte-CristoFrench Your Way
134Le confident
Francai Simmersion
135Le Coupeur De MotsFrench Your Way
136Le Fils de la Lumière (Ramsès, part 1)French Your Way
Le Gentil Petit Diable et Autres Contes de la Rue Broca
French Your Way
138Le Mystère de la Chambre JauneFrench Your Way
139Le Père Goriot
Francai Simmersion
140Le Roi SalamiNick BlandCBC
141Les Aventures De CosmoPatrice RacineCBC
142Les Femmes SavantesFrench Your Way
143Les FourmisFrench Your Way
144Les FrancaisLaurence WylieVista Wide
145Les Malheurs de SophieFrench Your Way
146Les misérables
Francai Simmersion
147Les P’tits DiablesOlivier DuttoCBC
148Les SchtroumpfsFrench Your Way
149Les Trois MousquetairesFrench Your Way
150Les Vacances du Petit NicolasFrench Your Way
151Lettres de Mon MoulinFrench Your Way
152Looking Good in the Skin I’m InMicrosoft
153Mais oui!Chantal P. ThompsonVista Wide
154Manon des SourcesFrench Your Way
155Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary, newest paperback editionAnonymousGoodreads
156Mini French Phrase BookElizabeth AllenGoodreads
157Modern French GrammarMargaret LangVista Wide
Mommy Says I Can Do It! A Shape and Color Book for Children
159Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran,Eric-Emmanuel SchmittILA France
160Montage: Deuxième niveauLucia F BakerVista Wide
161Motifs: An Introduction to FrenchKimberly JansmaVista Wide
My Ball is a Circle and My Table is a Square! I Know My Shapes for Kids – Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books
164Ni d’Eve Ni d’Adam (French Edition)French Your Way
165Nos Amis les HumainsFrench Your Way
166Oscar Et La Dame RoseFrench Your Way
167Ouvertures: Cours Intermédiaire de FrancaisH. Jay SiskinVista Wide
168Oxford-Hachette French DictionaryMarie-Hélène CorréardGoodreads
169Panaché littéraireMary J. BakerVista Wide
170Parallèles: Communication et cultureNicole Fouletier-SmithVista Wide
171Parlons affaires! Initiation au français économique et commercialR.-J. BergVista Wide
172Paroles: Introductory FrenchSally Sieloff MagnanVista Wide
173Pas à pas French: ListeningSpeakingVista Wide
174Personnages. An Intermediate Course in French Language and Francophone CultureMichael OatesVista Wide
175PONS Kompaktwörterbuch FranzösischFrédéric AuvraiGoodreads
176PONS-Wörterbuch für Schule und Studium: Französisch – DeutschFrédéric AuvraiGoodreads
177Quant à moi … – Témoignages des Français et des FrancophonesJeannette D. BraggerVista Wide
178Que serais-je sans toi ?
Francai Simmersion
179Rapports. An Introduction to French Language and Francophone CultureJoel WalzVista Wide
180Raymie NightingaleKate DiCamilloCBC
181Reading French in Arts and ScienceE. M. StackVista Wide
182Rendez-vousJudith A MuyskensVista Wide
183Sans détour: A Complete Reference Manual for French GrammarPriscilla Gac-ArtigasVista Wide
184Savoir direDiane DansereauVista Wide
185Savoir-Faire. An Advanced French CourseElspeth BroadyVista Wide
186Schaum’s Outline of French GrammarMary Coffman CrockerGoodreads
187Se retrouver, pour mieux se séparer…
Francai Simmersion
188Sept Jours Pour Une EternitéFrench Your Way
189Short Stories in French: New Penguin Parallel TextFluent U
190Skills and Techniques for Reading FrenchLouise C. SeibertVista Wide
191Small Hands, Big HeartsMicrosoft
192Souris!Racine TelgemeierCBC
193Specialized CLE International publisherILA France
194Standard French-English, English-French DictionaryLarousseGoodreads
STUFF PARISIANS LIKE: Discovering the Quoi in the Je Ne Sais Quoi
French Crazy
196Stupeur et tremblementsFrench Your Way
197Sur le vifHannelore JarauschVista Wide
198Système-D 4.0 CD-ROM. Writing Assistant for FrenchJames S. NoblittVista Wide
199Tâches d’encre. French CompositionH. Jay SiskinVista Wide
200Teach Yourself French GrammarRobin AdamsonGoodreads
201Teach Yourself French VocabularyNoel St. ThomasGoodreads
202Teach Yourself Improve Your French Package (Book + 2 CDs)Jean-Claude ArragonGoodreads
203The French ExperienceIsabelle FournierGoodreads
204The French Experience 1. Authors, Marie-Thrse Bougard, Danile BourdaisAnny KingGoodreads
205The French Experience 2: CD’s 1-5Jeanine PicardGoodreads
206The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-ExupéryILA France
207The New Penguin French Reader: Dual LanguageSimon LeeGoodreads
208The Penguin Book of French Poetry: 1820-1950; With Prose TranslationsWilliam ReesGoodreads
The Queen Who Ruled for 44 Years – Biography of Queen Elizabeth 1
210Thinking French TranslationSándor HerveyVista Wide
211TintinFrench Your Way
212Tout Ensemble: A Complete Intermediate French ProgramRaymond F. ComeauVista Wide
213Transition: découverte du texte littéraireMadeleine HageVista Wide
214Trésors littéraires: Initiation à la littérature française et francophoneAnne-Marie BourbonVista Wide
215Un style certain: Les Mots pour l’ecrireMonique FolVista Wide
216Vagabondages littéraires: Initiation à la littérature d’expression françaiseScott CarpenterVista Wide
217Vis-à-vis: Beginning French by Evelyne AmonJudith A. MuyskensVista Wide
218Voilà! An Introduction to FrenchL. Kathy HeilenmanVista Wide
219Voyage au pays des arbres
Francai Simmersion
220Webster’s New World French Grammar and ExercisesAnonymousGoodreads

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