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The Best Kids, Children, and Youth Books of 2022 (A Year-End List Aggregation)

“What are the best Kids, Children, and Youth books released in 2022?” We looked at 548 of the top Kids, Children, and Youth books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!

The top 31 books, all appearing on 3 or more “Best Kids, Children, and Youth” book lists, are ranked below by how many times they appear. The remaining 500+ titles, as well as the sources we used, are in alphabetical order on the bottom of the page.

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Top 31 Best Kids, Children, and Youth Books From 2022

31.) A Duet for Home written by Karina Yan Glaser

A Duet for Home

Lists It Appears On:

  • Amazon
  • Blue Willow Bookshop
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz

From the New York Times bestselling creator of the Vanderbeekers series comes a triumphant tale of friendship, healing, and the power of believing in …

30.) Amari and the Great Game written by B.B Alston

Amari and the Great Game

Lists It Appears On:

  • NPR
  • Amazon
  • Amazon

Sequel to the New York Times bestseller Amari and the Night Brothers!Artemis Fowl meets Men in Black in this magical second book in the New York Times…

29.) Aviva Vs the Dybbuk written by Mari Lowe

Aviva Vs the Dybbuk

Lists It Appears On:

  • Imagination Soup
  • Waterstones
  • Amazon

NPR Best of the Year A compelling, tender story about friendship and community, grief and healing, and one indomitable girl who somehow manages to con…

28.) Bathe the Cat written by Alice B. McGinty

Bathe the Cat

Lists It Appears On:

  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • Happily Ever Elephants
  • NPR

Cats + water: What could go wrong? This riotous romp of a picture book follows a frantic family as they try to get some chores done–with no help from…

27.) Berry Song written by Michaela Goade

Berry Song

Lists It Appears On:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Happily Ever Elephants

An Indie Bestseller! Caldecott Medalist Michaela Goade’s first self-authored picture book is a gorgeous celebration of the land she knows well and the…

26.) Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky written by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond

Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • NYPL

Discover a world of creativity and tradition in this fascinating picture book that explores the history and cultural significance of the color blue. F…

25.) Diper Överlöde (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 17) written by Jeff Kinney

Diper Överlöde (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 17)

Lists It Appears On:

  • Powells
  • Right On Kids Teaching
  • Amazon

In Diper Överlöde, book 17 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney, Greg Heffley is finding out that t…

24.) Frizzy written by Claribel A. Ortega and Rose Bousamra


Lists It Appears On:

  • Blue Willow Bookshop
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • NYPL

Marlene loves three things: books, her cool Tía Ruby and hanging out with her best friend Camila. But according to her mother, Paola, the only thing s…

23.) Knight Owl written by Christopher Denise

Knight Owl

Lists It Appears On:

  • Amazon
  • Goodreads
  • NYPL

A determined Owl builds strength and confidence in this medieval picture book about the real mettle of a hero: wits, humor, and heart. Since the day h…

22.) Little Monarchs written by Jonathan Case

Little Monarchs

Lists It Appears On:

  • Powells
  • Happily Ever Elephants
  • Imagination Soup

This graphic novel adventure tells the story of 10-year-old Elvie and her crucial mission to save humanity from extinction after a sun shift has chang…

21.) Maizy Chen’s Last Chance written by Lisa Yee

Maizy Chen's Last Chance

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Goodreads
  • Happily Ever Elephants

NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST – Twelve year-old Maizy discovers her family’s Chinese restaurant is full of secrets in this irresistible novel that cele…

20.) Miss Quinces: A Graphic Novel written by Kat Fajardo

Miss Quinces: A Graphic Novel

Lists It Appears On:

  • Waterstones
  • Happily Ever Elephants
  • NPR

Rising star Kat Fajardo’s debut middle-grade graphic novel about a girl who would rather do anything other than celebrate her quinceañera! A funny and…

19.) Odder written by Katherine Applegate


Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • Happily Ever Elephants

Now a #1 New York Times bestseller! A touching and lyrical tale about a remarkable sea otter, from Newbery Medalist Katherine Applegate, author of Wis…

18.) Sir Ladybug written by Corey R. Tabor

Sir Ladybug

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Happily Ever Elephants
  • NPR

From Caldecott Honoree and two-time Geisel Award-winning author-illustrator Corey R. Tabor, this is a fresh and funny young graphic novel series sure …

17.) Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler written by Ibi Zoboi

Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • NPR

From the New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist, a biography in verse and prose of science fiction visionary Octavia Butle…

16.) The 156-Story Treehouse: Holiday Havoc! written by Andy Griffiths

The 156-Story Treehouse: Holiday Havoc!

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Amazon
  • Book Depository

Andy and Terry live in a 156-story treehouse. (It used to be a 143-story treehouse, but they added 13 more levels.) It has a wishing well, a super-sti…

15.) The Door of No Return written by Kwame Alexander

The Door of No Return

Lists It Appears On:

  • Waterstones
  • Imagination Soup
  • NYPL

An instant #1 New York Times Bestseller! From Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award winning author Kwame Alexander, comes the first book in a sea…

14.) The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza written by Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris

The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

Lists It Appears On:

  • Right On Kids Teaching
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble

As seen on The TODAY Show! New York Times bestselling Mac Barnett and Caldecott Honor award-winning illustrator Shawn Harris turn their massively popu…

13.) The House of Shells written by Efua Traoré

The House of Shells

Lists It Appears On:

  • NPR
  • NPR
  • NYPL

Kuki is sure that the old family curse of the Abiku is a myth – she will not die young. But when she meets a girl, Enilo, in an extraordinary house, h…

12.) The Little Match Girl Strikes Back written by Emma Carroll

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Lists It Appears On:

  • Right On Kids Teaching
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • Happily Ever Elephants

Bridie works hard to feed her family, selling matches on the streets of Victorian London. After an incident leaves her with only three matches left, t…

11.) The Ministry of Unladylike Activity written by Robin Stevens

The Ministry of Unladylike Activity

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • NPR
  • Powells

Britain is at war and a secret arm of the British government called the Ministry of Unladylike Activity is training up spies. And who better to become…

10.) The Year We Learned to Fly written by Jacqueline Woodson

The Year We Learned to Fly

Lists It Appears On:

  • Right On Kids Teaching
  • Amazon
  • Blue Willow Bookshop

Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael López’s highly anticipated companion to their #1 New York Times bestseller The Day You Begin illuminates the power in ea…

9.) Thirst written by Varsha Bajaj


Lists It Appears On:

  • Happily Ever Elephants
  • Amazon
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz

A New York Times Bestseller The riveting story of a heroic girl who fights for her belief that water should be for everyone. Minni lives in the poores…

8.) Tumble written by Celia C. Pérez


Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • NPR

From the award-winning author of The First Rule of Punk and Strange Birds, a dazzling novel about a young girl who collects the missing pieces of her …

7.) Attack of the Black Rectangles written by A. S. King

Attack of the Black Rectangles

Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Book Depository
  • Five Books
  • Waterstones

Award-winning author Amy Sarig King takes on censorship and intolerance in a novel she was born to write.When Mac first opens his classroom copy of Ja…

6.) Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose: A Graphic Novel (Cat Kid Comic Club #3): From the Creator of Dog Man written by Dav Pilkey

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose: A Graphic Novel (Cat Kid Comic Club #3): From the Creator of Dog Man

Lists It Appears On:

  • Amazon
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz
  • NYPL
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz

The Cat Kid Comic Club is deep in discovery in the newest graphic novel in the hilarious and heartwarming worldwide bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, …

5.) Farmhouse written by Sophie Blackall


Lists It Appears On:

  • NYPL
  • Powells
  • Five Books
  • Right On Kids Teaching

This glorious new picture book from two-time Caldecott Medalist Sophie Blackall is as lavish and moving a tribute to a storied, beloved place as Hello…

4.) Nigel and the Moon written by Antwan Eady

Nigel and the Moon

Lists It Appears On:

  • Waterstones
  • Book Depository
  • The Telegraph
  • Waterstones

From debut author Antwan Eady and artist Gracey Zhang comes a glowing tale about the young dreaming big. A perfect story to demonstrate how pride in w…

3.) Swim Team written by Johnnie Christmas

Swim Team

Lists It Appears On:

  • Book Depository
  • Irish Times
  • Waterstones
  • Amazon

“Combines wonderful characters and history to create a story that will make you want to dive right in!” JERRY CRAFT, author of the Newbery Medal-winni…

2.) The Ogress and the Orphans written by Kelly Barnhill

The Ogress and the Orphans

Lists It Appears On:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • NPR
  • Amazon
  • Brightly

A new instant-classic fantasy about the power of generosity and love, and how a community suffers when they disappear, by Kelly Barnhill, winner of th…

1.) Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor written by Xiran Jay Zhao

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor

Lists It Appears On:

  • Imagination Soup
  • Brightly
  • Imagination Soup
  • NYPL

Percy Jackson meets Tristan Strong in this hilarious, action-packed middle grade contemporary fantasy that follows a young boy as he journeys across C…

The 500+ Additional Best Kids, Children, and Youth Books Released In 2022

32) Ain’t Burned All the Bright – Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Right On Kids Teaching)

33) Always, Clementine – Carlie Sorosiak List: (Five Books, Imagination Soup)

34) Black Bird, Blue Road – Sofiya Pasternack List: (Happily Ever Elephants, Imagination Soup)

35) Cress Watercress – Gregory Maguire and David Litchfield List: (Imagination Soup, Right On Kids Teaching)

36) Different Kinds of Fruit – Kyle Lukoff List: (Brightly, NPR)

37) Freewater – Amina Luqman-Dawson List: (Happily Ever Elephants, NYPL)

38) Grimwood: Let The Fur Fly – Nadia Shireen List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

39) Hot Dog – Doug Salati List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, NYPL)

40) How to Build a Human in Seven Evolutionary Steps – Pamela S. Turner and John Gurche List: (NYPL, Right On Kids Teaching)

41) I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared – Seth Meyers List: (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

42) Jummy at the River School – Sabine Adeyinka List: (Five Books, Waterstones)

43) Leila and the Blue Fox – Kiran Millwood Hargrave List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

44) Listen to the Language of the Trees: A story of how forests communicate underground – Tera Kelley List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, NPR)

45) Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle – Nina LaCour List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, NYPL)

46) Mamo – Sas Milledge List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, NYPL)

47) Mouse’s Wood – Alice Melvin List: (Five Books, The Telegraph)

48) New from Here – Kelly Yang List: (Amazon, Bookshop Santa Cruz)

49) Oh, Sal – Kevin Henkes List: (Amazon, Bookshop Santa Cruz)

50) Once Upon a Tim – Stuart Gibbs List: (Amazon, Happily Ever Elephants)

51) Patchwork – Matt De La Pena and Corinna Luyken List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Happily Ever Elephants)

52) Skandar and the Unicorn Thief – A.F. Steadman List: (Amazon, Waterstones)

53) Skater Cielo – Rachel Katstaller List: (NPR, NYPL)

54) Sometimes, All I Need Is Me – Juliana Perdomo List: (Happily Ever Elephants, NPR)

55) Space Band – Tom Fletcher List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

56) Spaceboy – David Walliams List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

57) Super Ghost – Greg James List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

58) The Accidental Stowaway – Judith Eagle List: (Five Books, Waterstones)

59) The Elephant Girl – James Patterson List: (Amazon, Goodreads)

60) The Flamingo – Guojing List: (NPR, NYPL)

61) The Last Mapmaker – Christina Soontornvat List: (NYPL, Right On Kids Teaching)

62) The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Drama and Danger – J.T. Williams List: (Irish Times, Waterstones)

63) The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure – Jacqueline Wilson List: (The Telegraph, Waterstones)

64) The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster! – Mo Willems List: (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

65) The Stars Did Wander Darkling – Colin Meloy List: (NYPL, Powells)

66) The Three Billy Goats Gruff – Mac Barnett List: (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

67) The Tryout – Christina Soontornvat and Joanna Cacao List: (NYPL, Right On Kids Teaching)

68) The Well – Jake Wyatt List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Right On Kids Teaching)

69) The World Belonged to Us – Jacqueline Woodson List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Happily Ever Elephants)

70) Those Kids From Fawn Creek – Erin Entrada Kelly List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Happily Ever Elephants)

71) Tom Gates 20: Happy to Help (eventually) – Liz Pichon List: (Book Depository, Waterstones)

72) Unstoppable Us, Volume 1 – Yuval Noah Harari List: (Book Depository, Brightly)

73) Witchlings – Claribel A. Ortega List: (Goodreads, Powells)

74) ¡A viajar, semillas! – Lorena Ruiz List: (NYPL)
75) 1-2-3 Scream! – R.U. Ginns List: (NPR)
76) 21% Monster – P.J. Canning List: (Waterstones)
77) 9 kilómetros – Claudio Aguilera List: (NYPL)
78) A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy – David Solomons List: (Waterstones)
79) A Blue Kind of Day – Rachel Tomlinson List: (NYPL)
80) A Is for Bee: An alphabet book in translation – Ellen Heck List: (Five Books)
81) A Journey Under the Sea – Craig Foster List: (Amazon)
82) A Land of Books: Dreams of Young Mexihcah Word Painters – Duncan Tonatiuh List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
83) A Rover’s Story – Jasmine Warga List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
84) A Seed Grows – Antoinette Portis List: (NYPL)
85) A Spoonful of Frogs: A Halloween Book for Kids – Casey Lyall List: (Barnes & Noble)
86) A Storm of Sisters – Michelle Harrison List: (Waterstones)
87) A Synagogue Just Like Home – Alice Blumenthal McGinty and Laurel Molk List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
88) A veces, yo soy todo lo que necesito – Juliana Perdomo List: (NYPL)
89) A Warbler’s Journey – Scott Weidensaul List: (NPR)
90) A Wild Child’s Book of Birds – Dara McAnulty List: (Book Depository)
91) Abdul’s Story – Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow List: (NYPL)
92) Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas – Jeanne Walker Harvey List: (NYPL)
93) Abuela, Don’t Forget Me – Rex Ogle List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
94) Adam Wins The Internet – Adam B List: (Waterstones)
95) Agent Moose: Operation Owl (Agent Moose, 3) – List: (Amazon)
96) Ajay and the Mumbai Sun – Varsha Shah List: (Waterstones)
97) Alex Neptune, Dragon Thief – David Owen List: (Waterstones)
98) Alias Anna: A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis – Susan Hood with Greg Dawson List: (NYPL)
99) Alien Summer #1 – James S. Murray and Carsen Smith List: (Brightly)
100) Aliens and Other Worlds: True tales from our solar system and beyond – Lisa Harvey-Smith List: (Five Books)
101) All Because You Matter – Tami Charles List: (Amazon)
102) All Four Quarters of the Moon – List: (Readings)
103) All My Rage: A Novel – Sabaa Tahir List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
104) Alphabedtime – Susanna Leonard Hill List: (Amazon)
105) Amazing Machines: Shiny Snow Machines – Tony Mitton List: (Amazon)
106) American Murderer: The Parasite That Haunted the South – Gail Jarrow List: (NPR)
107) AMULET. BOOK SIX ESCAPE FROM LUCIEN – Kibuishi, Kazu List: (Book Depository)
108) An Illustrated Collection of Nordic Animal Tales – List: (Five Books)
109) And Everything Will Be Glad to See You – Ella Risbridger List: (Book Depository)
110) Antarctica: The Melting Continent – Karen Romano Young List: (NYPL)
111) Antiracist Baby Picture Book – Ibram X. Kendi List: (Amazon)
112) Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? – Leslie Connor List: (Blue Willow Bookshop)
113) April & Mae and the Tea Party – Megan Dowd Lambert List: (NYPL)
114) Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality (Pandava, #5) – List: (Goodreads)
115) Atoms – John Devolle List: (Five Books)
116) Barb the Brave – Dan Abdo List: (Waterstones)
117) Basher STEM Junior: Science – List: (Amazon)
118) Be Real, Macy Weaver – Lakita Wilson List: (Brightly)
119) Be You! – Peter H. Reynolds List: (Amazon)
120) Beatrice Likes the Dark – April Genevieve Tucholke and Khoa Le List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
121) Beauty Woke – NoNieqa Ramos List: (NYPL)
122) Bee & Flea and the Compost Caper – Anna Humphrey List: (Imagination Soup)
123) Before the Ever After – Jacqueline Woodson List: (Amazon)
124) Behind the Scenes at the Museum: Your All-access Guide to the World’s Amazing Museums – DK List: (Amazon)
125) Beyond Belief: The Science of the Future – Alex Woolf List: (Five Books)
126) Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Take an Evening Stroll – List: (Five Books)
127) Big Truck, Little Island – Chris Van Dusen List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
128) Black Brother, Black Brother – Jewell Parker Rhodes List: (Amazon)
129) Black: The Many Wonders of My World – Nancy Johnson James List: (NYPL)
130) Blast Off!: How Mary Sherman Morgan Fueled America into Space – Suzanne Slade List: (NYPL)
131) Blue Baboon Finds Her Tune – Helen Docherty List: (Amazon)
132) Bluey: All About Bluey – Bluey List: (Book Depository)
133) Boogie Boogie, Y’all – C. G. Esperanza List: (Five Books)
134) Bound for Home – Meika Hashimoto List: (Powells)
135) Breda’s Island – Jessie Ann Foley List: (NYPL)
136) Bug Scouts Out in the Wild – Mike Lowery List: (Imagination Soup)
137) Bunny vs Monkey: Machine Mayhem – Jamie Smart List: (Waterstones)
138) Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms – Jamar J. Perry List: (Waterstones)
139) Caves – Nell Cross Beckerman List: (NYPL)
140) Chirimiri – Fernando Pérez Hernando List: (NYPL)
141) Chirri & Chirra, in the Night – Kaya Doi List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
142) Choosing Brave – Angela Joy List: (NYPL)
143) Chupacarter – List: (Imagination Soup)
144) Cómo Aidan llegó a ser un hermano – Kyle Lukoff List: (NYPL)
145) Cómo llegar a la luna – Nicolás Schuff List: (NYPL)
146) Construction Site: Farming Strong, All Year Long (Goodnight, Goodnight, Construc) – List: (Amazon)
147) Copycat: Nature-Inspired Design Around the World – Christy Hale List: (NYPL)
148) Cornbread & Poppy (Cornbread and Poppy, 1) – Matthew Cordell List: (Amazon)
149) Counting in Dog Years and Other Sassy Math Poems – Betsy Franco List: (NYPL)
150) Crabgrass Comic Adventures – List: (Imagination Soup)
151) Creepy Crayon! (Creepy Tales!) – Aaron Reynolds List: (Amazon)
152) Dadaji’s Paintbrush – Rashmi Sirdeshpande List: (Five Books)
153) Daddy Speaks Love – Leah Henderson List: (NYPL)
154) Daisy Woodworm Changes the World – Melissa Hart List: (Powells)
155) Days Like This – Oriane Smith List: (NYPL)
156) Dear Wild Child: You Carry Your Home Inside You – Wallace J. Nichols List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
157) Do You Want a Hug? – Olivia Cosneau List: (Five Books)
158) Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt? – Derick Wilder List: (NYPL)
159) Dogger – List: (The Telegraph)
160) Don’t Eat Bees: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog – Dev Petty List: (Barnes & Noble)
161) Dragon Bones: The Fantastic Fossil Discoveries of Mary Anning – Sarah Glenn Marsh List: (NYPL)
162) Dragon Destiny – Kevin Tsang List: (Waterstones)
163) Dragonboy and the Wonderful Night (Dragonboy, 2) – Fabio Napoleoni List: (Amazon)
164) Dread Wood – Jennifer Killick List: (Five Books)
165) El cuarto turquesa/The Turquoise Room – Monica Brown List: (NYPL)
166) El fantasma de las bragas rotas – José Carlos Andrés List: (NYPL)
167) El mercado – Roxana Méndez List: (NYPL)
168) El nido de Tit – Gerda Muller List: (NYPL)
169) Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never – Rebecca King List: (Book Depository)
170) Emmet and Jez Adventures in Fosterland – Hannah Shaw List: (Imagination Soup)
171) Endlessly Ever After: Pick Your Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings – Laurel Snyder and Dan Santat List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
172) Escape Room – Christopher Edge List: (Waterstones)
173) Escondida – Adolfo Córdova List: (NYPL)
174) Esperanza – Gianni Rodari List: (NYPL)
175) Every Dog in the Neighborhood – Philip C. Stead List: (NYPL)
176) Every Night Is Pizza Night – J. Kenji López-Alt List: (Amazon)
177) Expedition Backyard – Rosemary Mosco List: (Imagination Soup)
178) Fearless Fairy Tales – Konnie Huq List: (Book Depository)
179) Fibbed – Elizabeth Agyemang List: (Brightly)
180) Finish the Fight!: The Brave and Revolutionary Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote – Veronica Chambers List: (Amazon)
181) Fish and Wave – Sergio Ruzzier List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
182) Flying Scotsman and the Best Birthday Ever – Michael Morpurgo and Michael Foreman List: (Financial Times)
183) Forbidden City – List: (Imagination Soup)
184) Frank and the Bad Surprise (Frank and the Puppy, 1) – Martha Brockenbrough List: (Amazon)
185) Frankie’s World – Aoife Dooley List: (Waterstones)
186) Fred’s Big Feelings: The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers – Laura Renauld List: (Amazon)
187) Free at Last: A Juneteenth Poem – Sojourner Kincaid Rolle List: (NYPL)
188) Full of Life: Exploring Earth’s Biodiversity – Isabel Thomas List: (Five Books)
189) Future Hero (Future Hero, 1) – List: (Amazon)
190) Futureland: Battle for the Park – H.D. Hunter List: (Brightly)
191) Gender Swapped Greek Myths – Karrie Fransman List: (Book Depository)
192) Geo-Graphics – List: (Five Books)
193) Gibberish – Young Vo List: (NYPL)
194) Gigi and Ojiji – Melissa Iwai List: (NYPL)
195) Going Places: Victor Hugo Green and His Glorious Book – Tonya Bolden List: (NYPL)
196) Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill – Matt Lilley List: (NYPL)
197) Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List – Jenny Pearson List: (Waterstones)
198) Greta and the Ghost Hunters – Sam Copeland List: (Waterstones)
199) Grow: Secrets of Our DNA – Nicola Davies List: (Amazon)
200) Growing Pangs – Kathryn Ormsbee List: (NPR)
201) Grumpy Monkey Says No! – Suzanne Lang List: (Amazon)
202) Grumpy Monkey Who Threw That?: A Graphic Novel Chapter Book – List: (Amazon)
203) Hasta que alguien me escuche – Estela Juarez con Lissette Norman List: (NYPL)
204) Hello, Beautiful You! (A Bright Brown Baby Board Book) – Andrea Pinkney List: (Amazon)
205) Hello, USA!: A Book of Beginner Concepts (Hello, World) – List: (Amazon)
206) Hello, World! Kids’ Guides: Exploring Sharks – List: (Amazon)
207) Here We Are: Book of Opposites – Oliver Jeffers List: (Amazon)
208) Hey, Bruce!: An Interactive Book (Mother Bruce Series) – Ryan Higgins List: (Amazon)
209) History Comics: The Roanoke Colony: America’s First Mystery – List: (Amazon)
210) Hither and Nigh – List: (Imagination Soup)
211) Hola, mi luna – Mar Benegas List: (NYPL)
212) Holler of the Fireflies – David Barclay Moore List: (Brightly)
213) Hora de dormir, mamá – Dylan Hewitt List: (NYPL)
214) Housecat Trouble – Mason Dickerson List: (NYPL)
215) How to Count to One – Caspar Salmon List: (Five Books)
216) How to Excavate a Heart: A Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday Book – Jake Maia Arlow List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
217) How to Solve a Problem: The Rise (and Falls) of a Rock-Climbing Champion – Ashima Shiraishi List: (Amazon)
218) How to Spell Catastrophe – List: (Readings)
219) How to Tackle Your Dreams – List: (Readings)
220) How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto – Dean Regas List: (NYPL)
221) How to Write a Story: (Read-Aloud Book, Learn to Read and Write) – Kate Messner List: (Amazon)
222) How Was That Built? The Stories Behind Awesome Structures – List: (Five Books)
223) Hummingbird – Natalie Lloyd List: (Blue Willow Bookshop)
224) Hush, Little Bunny Board Book – David Ezra Stein List: (Amazon)
225) I Already Love You – Willa Perlman List: (Amazon)
226) I Am Every Good Thing – Derrick Barnes List: (Amazon)
227) I Am Golden – Eva Chen List: (NPR)
228) I Am Not a Label: 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present – Cerrie Burnell List: (Amazon)
229) I Am Quiet: A Story for the Introvert in All of Us – List: (Goodreads)
230) I Am Ruby Bridges – Ruby Bridges List: (Amazon)
231) I Can Explain – Shinsuke Yoshitake List: (NPR)
232) I Color Myself Different – Colin Kaepernick List: (Amazon)
233) I Don’t Care – Julie Fogliano, Molly Idle and Juana Martinez-Neal List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
234) I Hate Borsch! – Yevgenia Nayberg List: (NYPL)
235) I Love You Like Yellow – Andrea Beaty List: (NPR)
236) If Animals Tried to Be Kind (If Animals Kissed Good Night) – List: (Amazon)
237) If You Find a Leaf – Aimee Sicuro List: (Amazon)
238) If You Read This – Kereen Getten List: (Waterstones)
239) In the Beautiful Country – Jane Kuo List: (NYPL)
240) In the Key of Us – Mariama J. Lockington List: (NYPL)
241) Into the Sideways World – Ross Welford List: (Waterstones)
242) InvestiGators: Heist and Seek (InvestiGators, 6) – John Patrick Green List: (Amazon)
243) Invisible – List: (Imagination Soup)
244) Isadora Moon Under the Sea – Harriet Muncaster List: (Waterstones)
245) Isla to Island – Alexis Castellanos List: (NYPL)
246) It’s the End of the World and I’m in My Bathing Suit – Justin A. Reynolds List: (NPR)
247) Ivy Lost and Found – Cynthia Lord List: (Imagination Soup)
248) Jefferson Measures a Moose – Mara Rockliff List: (Amazon)
249) Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone – Tae Keller List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
250) John’s Turn – Mac Barnett and illustrated by Kate Berube List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
251) Kate the Chemist: The Big Book of Experiments – Kate Biberdorf List: (Amazon)
252) Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Arts – List: (Imagination Soup)
253) Kind – Jess McGeachin List: (Irish Times)
254) King of the Ice #1 – Kelly Starling Lyons List: (Brightly)
255) Kunoichi Bunny – Sara Cassidy List: (NYPL)
256) La casita de Esperanza – Terry Catasús Jennings List: (NYPL)
257) La falda morada de Leo – Irma Borges List: (NYPL)
258) La noche en el bolsillo – Pedro Mañas List: (NYPL)
259) Lark & Kasim Start a Revolution – Kacen Callender List: (Book Depository)
260) Las gallinas de Sonia – Phoebe Wahl List: (NYPL)
261) Last Mapmaker – List: (Imagination Soup)
262) Last Week – Bill Richardson List: (NYPL)
263) Legendarium – Jennifer Bell List: (Waterstones)
264) Leila, la brujita perfecta – Flavia Z. Drago List: (NYPL)
265) Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor – Lucy Brandt List: (Waterstones)
266) Life-Size Animals: An Illustrated Safari – Rita Mabel Schiavo List: (Amazon)
267) Lightcasters – List: (Imagination Soup)
268) Like – Annie Barrows and Leo Espinosa List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
269) Like A Charm – Elle McNicoll List: (Waterstones)
270) Little Bear – Richard Jones List: (Book Depository)
271) Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend: A Friendship Book for Kids – Alice Schertle List: (Amazon)
272) Llama Rocks the Cradle of Chaos (A Llama Book, 3) – List: (Amazon)
273) Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good – Louie Stowell List: (Waterstones)
274) Looking for Emily – Fiona Longmuir List: (Waterstones)
275) Loveless – Alice Oseman List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
276) Luli and the Language of Tea – Andrea Wang List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
277) Madison Morris is Not a Mouse (Class Critters #3) – List: (Imagination Soup)
278) Manual para espías – Daniel Nesquens List: (NYPL)
279) Map of Flames (The Forgotten Five, Book 1) – Lisa McMann List: (Brightly)
280) Marikit and the Ocean of Stars – Caris Avendaño Cruz List: (Powells)
281) Marshmallow Clouds: Two Poets at Play Among Figures of Speech – Ted Kooser and Connie Wanek List: (NPR)
282) Max Magic – Stephen Mulhern List: (Book Depository)
283) Maya’s Song – Renée Watson List: (NYPL)
284) Messy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese American – Laura Gao List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
285) Mi mamá – Sandra Siemens List: (NYPL)
286) Mi naturaleza – Angela Salerno List: (NYPL)
287) Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe – Shauna J. Grant List: (NYPL)
288) Mina Belongs Here – List: (Five Books)
289) Monsters in the Fog – Ali Bahrampour List: (Five Books)
290) Moonflower – Kacen Callender List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
291) Moonwalking – Zetta Elliott & Lyn Miller-Lachmann List: (NYPL)
292) Morning Sun in Wuhan – Ying Chang Compestine List: (NYPL)
293) Mr. Lemoncello’s Very First Game (Mr. Lemoncello’s Library) – List: (Amazon)
294) Muhammad Najem, War Reporter: How One Boy Put the Spotlight on Syria – Muhammad Najem and Nora Neus List: (NPR)
295) My Aunt is a Monster – List: (Imagination Soup)
296) My Brother Is Away – Sara Greenwood List: (NPR)
297) My City Speaks – List: (Five Books)
298) My First Nature: Let’s Go Exploring! (My First Tabbed Board Book) – DK List: (Amazon)
299) My Friend the Octopus – Lindsay Galvin List: (Waterstones)
300) My Hands Tell a Story – Kelly Starling Lyons List: (NYPL)
301) My Paati’s Saris – Jyoti Rajan Gopal List: (NYPL)
302) My Parents Won’t Stop Talking! – Emma Hunsinger and Tillie Walden List: (NPR)
303) Nana Loves You More – Jimmy Fallon List: (Amazon)
304) Narwhalicorn and Jelly (A Narwhal and Jelly Book #7) – List: (Amazon)
305) Nerdy Babies: Rain Forests (Nerdy Babies, 8) – Emmy Kastner List: (Amazon)
306) Nisha’s War – Dan Smith List: (Five Books)
307) Noor and Bobby – Praline Gay-Para List: (NPR)
308) Nothing Special – Desiree Cooper List: (NYPL)
309) Nour’s Secret Library – List: (Five Books)
310) Nura and the Immortal Palace – M. T. Khan List: (Waterstones)
311) Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean’s Biggest Secret – Jess Keating List: (Amazon)
312) October, October – List: (Five Books)
313) Olive Jones and the Memory Thief – Kate Gilby Smith List: (Financial Times)
314) Omar Rising – List: (Imagination Soup)
315) Once Upon a Fairytale – Natalia O’Hara List: (Irish Times)
316) One Family – George Shannon List: (Amazon)
317) Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun – Tola Okogwu List: (Waterstones)
318) Ophelia After All – Racquel Marie List: (Book Depository)
319) Oscar From Elsewhere – Jaclyn Moriarty List: (Amazon)
320) Oso y el murmullo del viento – Marianne Dubuc List: (NYPL)
321) Our Sister, Again – Sophie Cameron List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
322) Our Story Starts in Africa – Patrice Lawrence List: (NYPL)
323) Ours – Ruth Forman List: (Amazon)
324) Out of This World: Star-Studded Haiku – Sally M. Walker List: (NYPL)
325) Ozzie & Prince Zebedee – Gela Kalaitzidis List: (Barnes & Noble)
326) Paddington at the Palace – List: (The Telegraph)
327) Pages & Co.: The Treehouse Library – Anna James List: (Waterstones)
328) PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together – Nathan Fairbairn List: (Brightly)
329) Peach and Plum Here We Come! – Tim McCanna List: (Imagination Soup)
330) Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals – Rob Biddulph List: (Waterstones)
331) Perfectly Pegasus (Not Quite Narwhal and Friends) – Jessie Sima List: (Amazon)
332) Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You – Camilla Pang List: (Five Books)
333) Pets Rule!: My Kingdom of Darkness – Susan Tan List: (NYPL)
334) Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes – List: (Imagination Soup)
335) Pizza and Taco: Too Cool for School – Stephen Shaskan List: (Brightly)
336) Pizza!: A Slice of History – Greg Pizzoli List: (NYPL)
337) Polar Bear – Candace Fleming List: (Amazon)
338) PPPRRRRRIIIT: Un libro para crear y experimentar con los sonidos – Cristina Cubells List: (NYPL)
339) Premeditated Myrtle (Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery 1) – List: (Amazon)
340) Project Fairy – Jacqueline Wilson List: (Book Depository)
341) Queen Elizabeth: Volume 88 – Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara List: (Book Depository)
342) Racing Ace: Drive It! Fix It! – Larry Dane Brimner List: (NYPL)
343) Rain Rising – List: (Imagination Soup)
344) Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm – Laura Ellen Anderson List: (Waterstones)
345) Red Scare: A Graphic Novel – Liam Francis Walsh List: (NPR)
346) Red, White, and Whole – Rajani LaRocca List: (Five Books)
347) Rick Riordan Presents Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality (A Pandava Novel, Book 5): A Pandava Novel Book 5 (Pandava Series) – List: (Amazon)
348) Rick Riordan Presents Paola Santiago and the River of Tears (A Paola Santiago Novel Book 1) – List: (Amazon)
349) Rise of the School for Good and Evil – List: (Goodreads)
350) Rueda que rueda – Dipacho List: (NYPL)
351) Rumble, Rumble, Dinosaur (New Nursery Rhymes) – List: (Amazon)
352) Sábado / Saturday – Jorge Garza List: (NYPL)
353) Sade and Her Shadow Beasts – Rachel Faturoti List: (Waterstones)
354) Seed – Caryl Lewis List: (Waterstones)
355) Seeking Freedom – Selene Castrovilla List: (NYPL)
356) Seen and Unseen – Elizabeth Partridge List: (NYPL)
357) Shapes, Lines, and Light: My Grandfather’s American Journey – Katie Yamasaki List: (NYPL)
358) Shark Princess – Nidhi Chanani List: (Amazon)
359) Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Skinnamarink (Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Classic Songs) – Sharon Hampson List: (Amazon)
360) Shine On, Luz Véliz! – Rebecca Balcárcel List: (Powells)
361) Shot Clock – Caron Butler & Justin A. Reynolds List: (NYPL)
362) Sisterhood of Sleuths – Jennifer Chambliss Bertman List: (Amazon)
363) Skunk and Badger (Skunk and Badger 1) – List: (Amazon)
364) Small – Hannah Moffatt List: (Waterstones)
365) Small Town Pride – List: (Goodreads)
366) Somos animales humanos – Rosie Haine List: (NYPL)
367) Song in the City – Daniel Bernstrom List: (NYPL)
368) Spark – Mitch Johnson List: (Waterstones)
369) Squire – Nadia Shammas List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
370) Starfish – Lisa Fipps List: (Five Books)
371) Stellarlune (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #9) – List: (Goodreads)
372) Still Dreaming/Seguimos soñando – Claudia Guadalupe Martínez List: (NYPL)
373) Surely, Surely Marisol Rainey – Erin Entrada Kelly List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
374) Swarm Rising: Swarm Enemy – Tim Peake List: (Waterstones)
375) Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott – Mara Rockliff List: (NYPL)
376) Sweet Valley Twins: Best Friends – Francine Pascal List: (Brightly)
377) Tales of a Seventh Grade Lizard Boy – Jonathan Hill List: (Powells)
378) Tales of Ancient Worlds: Adventures in Archaeology – Stefan Milosavljevich and Sam Caldwell List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
379) Te busco – Yael Frankel List: (NYPL)
380) Ten Blocks to the Big Wok: A Chinatown Counting Book – Ying-Hwa Hu List: (NYPL)
381) Ten Little Penguins – Mike Brownlow List: (Book Depository)
382) Tengo hambre – Menena Cottin List: (NYPL)
383) Tengo mucho sueño – Laura Rexach List: (NYPL)
384) The Ape Star – Frida Nilsson List: (Irish Times)
385) The Aquanaut – Dan Santat List: (NPR)
386) The Arctic Railway Assassin – M.G. Leonard List: (Waterstones)
387) The Area 51 Files – Julie Buxbaum List: (Brightly)
388) The Baddies – Julia Donaldson List: (Book Depository)
389) The Barnabus Project – Terry Fan List: (Amazon)
390) The Blue-Footed Booby – Rob Biddulph List: (Book Depository)
391) The Bluest Sky – List: (Imagination Soup)
392) The Book of Legends – Lenny Henry List: (Waterstones)
393) The Book That No One Wanted to Read – Richard Ayoade List: (Waterstones)
394) The Bookseller’s Apprentice – List: (Readings)
395) The Boy Who Lost His Spark – Maggie O’Farrell List: (Book Depository)
396) The Boy Whose Wishes Came True – Helen Rutter List: (Waterstones)
397) The Breakfast Club Adventures – Marcus Rashford List: (Waterstones)
398) The Bridge Battle (The Lemonade War Series, 6) – Jacqueline Davies List: (Amazon)
399) The Case of the Runaway Brain – Nick Sheridan List: (Book Depository)
400) The Catalogue of Hugs – Joshua David Stein and Augustus Heeren Stein List: (NPR)
401) The Civil War of Amos Abernathy – Michael Leali List: (NYPL)
402) The Clackity – Lora Senf List: (NYPL)
403) The Collectors – Philip Pullman List: (Book Depository)
404) The Colour of Hope – Ross MacKenzie List: (Waterstones)
405) The Consequence Girl – Alastair Chisholm List: (Five Books)
406) The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky – Kim Jihyun List: (NYPL)
407) The Dinosaur that Pooped Halloween! – Tom Fletcher List: (Book Depository)
408) The First to Die at the End – Adam Silvera List: (Book Depository)
409) The Fort – Gordon Korman List: (Amazon)
410) The Fox’s Tower – Sam Thompson List: (Irish Times)
411) The Girl Who Lost a Leopard – Nizrana Farook List: (Waterstones)
412) The Girl Who Rowed the Ocean – Alastair Humphreys List: (Five Books)
413) The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls – List: (Amazon)
414) The Golden Hour – Niki Smith List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
415) The Good Turn – Sharna Jackson List: (Waterstones)
416) The Goodbye Year – List: (Readings)
417) The Great Zapfino – Mac Barnett List: (NPR)
418) The Greatest in the World! (1) (Tater Tales) – List: (Amazon)
419) The Heartstopper Yearbook – Alice Oseman List: (Book Depository)
420) The Hunt for the Nightingale – Sarah Ann Juckes List: (Waterstones)
421) The Ice Cream Machine – Adam Rubin List: (Brightly)
422) The Jammer – List: (Readings)
423) The Joy in You – Cat Deeley List: (Amazon)
424) The King of the Copper Mountains – List: (Five Books)
425) The Kiss (Hedgehog & Friends) – List: (Amazon)
426) The Last Beekeeper – Pablo Cartaya List: (NPR)
427) The Last Cuentista – Donna Barba Higuera List: (Five Books)
428) The Last Firefox – Lee Newbery List: (Waterstones)
429) The Last Kids on Earth: Quint and Dirk’s Hero Quest – Max Brallier List: (Brightly)
430) The Last Storyteller – Donna Barba Higuera List: (Book Depository)
431) The Light Thieves – Helena Duggan List: (Book Depository)
432) The Little House of Hope – Terry Catasús Jennings List: (NYPL)
433) The Lock-Eater – Zack Loran Clark List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
434) The Lost Girl King – Catherine Doyle List: (Waterstones)
435) The Lost Ryū – List: (Readings)
436) The Lost Whale – Hannah Gold List: (Waterstones)
437) The Mab – Matt Brown and Eloise Williams (eds.) and Max Low List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
438) The Mapmakers – Tamzin Merchant List: (Waterstones)
439) The Marvellers (Marvellerverse, 1) – List: (Amazon)
440) The Midnight Children – Dan Gemeinhart List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
441) The Midnight Fair – Gideon Sterer List: (Five Books)
442) The Midnighters – Hana Tooke List: (Waterstones)
443) The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair – Natasha Hastings List: (Waterstones)
444) The More You Give – Marcy Campbell List: (NPR)
445) The Mysteries of the Universe: Discover the best-kept secrets of space (DK Children’s Anthologies) – Will Gater List: (Amazon)
446) The Nguyen Kids: The Secret of the Jade Bangle – Linda Trinh List: (NYPL)
447) The Night We Got Stuck in a Story – Ben Miller List: (Book Depository)
448) The Old Truck – Jerome Pumphrey List: (Amazon)
449) The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read – Rita Lorraine Hubbard List: (Amazon)
450) The One and Only Bob (The One and Only Ivan, 2) – List: (Amazon)
451) The Other Side of the River – List: (Imagination Soup)
452) The People’s Painter: How Ben Shahn Fought for Justice with Art – Cynthia Levinson List: (Five Books)
453) The Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess – Shannon Hale List: (Amazon)
454) The Pumpkin Who was Afraid of the Dark – Michelle Robinson List: (Book Depository)
455) The Real Dada Mother Goose: A Treasury of Complete Nonsense – Jon Scieszka List: (NPR)
456) The Real Riley Mayes – Rachel Elliott List: (NYPL)
457) The Red Red Dragon – List: (The Telegraph)
458) The Rock from the Sky – Jon Klassen List: (Book Depository)
459) The Science Spell Book: Magical Experiments for Kids – Cara Florance List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
460) The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish – Chloe Savage List: (Financial Times)
461) The Second Chance of Benjamin Waterfalls – James Bird List: (NYPL)
462) The Secret Life of Butterflies – List: (Five Books)
463) The Secret of Haven Point – Lisette Auton List: (Waterstones)
464) The Secret of the Treasure Keepers – A.M. Howell List: (Waterstones)
465) The Secret Sunshine Project – Benjamin Dean List: (Waterstones)
466) The Silver Arrow – List: (Amazon)
467) The Sky Over Rebecca – Matthew Fox List: (Waterstones)
468) The Spectaculars – Jodie Garnish List: (Book Depository)
469) The Star That Always Stays – Anna Rose Johnson List: (NPR)
470) The Sugarcane Kids and the Red-bottomed Boat – List: (Readings)
471) The Suitcase – Chris Naylor-Ballesteros List: (Amazon)
472) The Summer of June – List: (Imagination Soup)
473) The Supervillain’s Guide to Being a Fat Kid – List: (Imagination Soup)
474) The Tale of the Tiny Man – Barbro Lindgren List: (Five Books)
475) The Tale of Truthwater Lake – Emma Carroll List: (Financial Times)
476) The Talk – Alicia D. Williams List: (Amazon)
477) The Thief Who Sang Storms – Sophie Anderson List: (Waterstones)
478) The Tiltersmith – Amy Herrick List: (NYPL)
479) The Times Machine!: Learn Multiplication and Division. . . Like, Yesterday! (McKellar Math) – List: (Amazon)
480) The Tower at the End of Time – Amy Sparkes List: (Waterstones)
481) The Tower of Life – Chana Stiefel List: (NYPL)
482) The Ultimate Riddle Game for Kids – Zeitgeist List: (Brightly)
483) The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar – List: (Amazon)
484) The Unforgettable Logan Foster – List: (Imagination Soup)
485) The Vanishing of Aveline Jones – Phil Hickes List: (Book Depository)
486) The Velveteen Rabbit: 100th Anniversary Edition – Margery Williams List: (NPR)
487) The Visitors – Greg Howard List: (NYPL)
488) The Way of Dog – List: (Readings)
489) The Wolf Suit – Sid Sharp List: (NYPL)
490) The Wondrous Prune – Ellie Clements List: (Waterstones)
491) The Worry Jar – Lou John and Jenny Bloomfield List: (Financial Times)
492) There’s a Bear in Your Book – Tom Fletcher List: (Book Depository)
493) This Is (Not) Enough – List: (Goodreads)
494) This is My Daddy! – Mies van Hout List: (Five Books)
495) This Story Is Not About a Kitten – Randall de Sève List: (NPR)
496) Three Strike Summer – Skyler Schrempp List: (Bookshop Santa Cruz)
497) Transported: 50 Vehicles That Changed the World – Matt Ralphs List: (Book Depository)
498) Troublemaker – John Cho with Sarah Suk List: (NYPL)
499) Troublemakers in Trousers – Sarah Albee List: (NYPL)
500) True You: A Gender Journey – Gwen Agna & Shelley Rotner List: (NYPL)
501) Twelve Dinging Doorbells – Tameka Fryer Brown List: (Amazon)
502) Twin Cities – Jose Pimienta List: (NYPL)
503) Two Degrees – List: (Amazon)
504) Tyger – SF Said List: (Waterstones)
505) Un remolino – Ruth Hillar y Sebastián Cúneo List: (NYPL)
506) Una noche sin dormir – Micaela Chirif List: (NYPL)
507) Unbreakable: The Spies Who Cracked the Nazis’ Secret Code – Rebecca E. F. Barone List: (Amazon)
508) Undercover Latina – Aya de León List: (NPR)
509) Unfadeable – Maurice Broaddus List: (NYPL)
510) Unicorn Night – Diana Murray List: (Amazon)
511) Unlawful Orders – Barbara Binns List: (NYPL)
512) Until the End – Derek Landy List: (Waterstones)
513) Valentina Salazar is Not a Monster Hunter – List: (Imagination Soup)
514) Vespertine – Margaret Rogerson List: (Book Depository)
515) Victory. Stand!: Raising My Fist for Justice – Tommie Smith List: (NPR)
516) Virtually Christmas – David Baddiel List: (Waterstones)
517) Viva’s Voice – Raquel Donoso List: (NYPL)
518) Walter had a Best Friend – Deborah Underwood and Sergio Ruzzier List: (Happily Ever Elephants)
519) We Are Wolves – Katrina Nannestad List: (Right On Kids Teaching)
520) Wednesday and Woof #1: Catastrophe – Sherri Winston List: (NYPL)
521) What a Shell Can Tell – Helen Scales List: (Five Books)
522) What the Ladybird Heard at Christmas – Julia Donaldson List: (Book Depository)
523) What Will You Dream of Tonight? – Frances Stickley List: (Amazon)
524) When Darwin Sailed the Sea: Uncover how Darwin’s revolutionary ideas helped change the world – David Long List: (Amazon)
525) When I See Blue – Lily Bailey List: (Waterstones)
526) When Stars Are Scattered – Victoria Jamieson List: (Amazon)
527) When The War Came Home – Lesley Parr List: (Waterstones)
528) When Winter Robeson Came – Brenda Woods List: (NYPL)
529) Where Butterflies Fill the Sky: A Story of Immigration, Family, and Finding Home – Zahra Marwan List: (NPR)
530) While the Storm Rages – Phil Earle List: (Waterstones)
531) Who’s Hiding? – Satoru Onishi List: (Five Books)
532) Wildlife on Paper: Animals at Risk Around the Globe – Kunal Kundu List: (Amazon)
533) Wildoak – C. C. Harrington List: (Amazon)
534) Willa the Wisp (The Fabled Stables Book #1) – List: (Amazon)
535) Winnie-the-Pooh Meets the Queen – List: (The Telegraph)
536) Wishyouwas – Alexandra Page List: (Book Depository)
537) Witchstorm – Tim Tilley List: (Book Depository)
538) Wolfbane – Michelle Paver List: (Waterstones)
539) Wolfpack (Young Readers Edition) – Abby Wambach List: (Amazon)
540) Wonderful Babies – Emily Winfield Martin List: (Amazon)
541) Word Travelers and the Taj Mahal Mystery – Raj Haldar List: (Imagination Soup)
542) Wren – Lucy Hope List: (Book Depository)
543) Wylah the Koorie Warrior – List: (Readings)
544) Yo no fui – Ana Palmero List: (NYPL)
545) Yoga Bunny Board Book – Brian Russo List: (Amazon)
546) Yoshi and the Ocean: A Sea Turtle’s Incredible Journey Home – Lindsay Moore List: (NYPL)
547) Your Pal Fred – List: (Imagination Soup)
548) Zeina Starborn and the Sky Whale – Hannah Durkan List: (Waterstones)

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