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Ranking Author Adele Parks’s Best Books (A Bibliography Countdown)

“What are Adele Parks’s Best Books?” We looked at all of Parks’s authored bibliography and ranked them against one another to answer that very question!

We took all of the books written by Adele Parks and looked at their Goodreads, Amazon, and LibraryThing scores, ranking them against one another to see which books came out on top. The books are ranked in our list below based on which titles have the highest overall score between all 3 review sites in comparison with all of the other books by the same author. The process isn’t super scientific and in reality, most books aren’t “better” than other books as much as they are just different. That being said, we do enjoy seeing where our favorites landed, and if you aren’t familiar with the author at all, the rankings can help you see what books might be best to start with.

The full ranking chart is also included below the countdown on the bottom of the page.

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The Top Book’s Of Adele Parks

19 ) Love Is A Journey

	Love Is A Journey

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 16
  • Amazon: 18
  • LibraryThing: 16

Love Is A Journey, a collection that will delight existing and new fans alike, and appeal to readers of Lisa Jewell and Jojo Moyes. Whether it’s finding the elusive ‘one’… Falling in love where you least expect it… Starting over when your love life throws you a curve ball… Or living the happy ever after you’ve always dreamed about… Love is a journey…and it’s well worth the ride. Love Is A Journey brings together the ebook collections, Finding The One, New Beginnings, Happy Endings and Love Is Complicated. Also includes a brand new short story, exclusive to this collection, as well as a preview of Adele’s compelling novel, The Stranger In My Home, and her forthcoming gripping new release, The Image of You.

17 ) Larger Than Life

	Larger Than Life

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 11
  • Amazon: 13
  • LibraryThing: 16

Georgina fell in love with Hugh Carter the moment she saw him. She’s never loved another man. She was eighteen. She’s now thirty-two and Hugh has finally moved in with her. Faces tend to fall when she mentions that when they first met he was seeing a friend of hers, whom he subsequently married and had two children with. But hey. Life’s not a fairy tale. All is well until George finds that one small miscalculation with dates leaves her – pregnant. Still reeling from this news she notices that Hugh is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment. After fourteen years of seeing life through a Hugh-tinted filter can George start to make up her own mind?

17 ) Love Lies

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 17
  • Amazon: 15
  • LibraryThing: 8

Fern is glaring thirty in the face and can’t ignore the love lies any longer. Life with Adam was amazing once – although these days swinging from the chandeliers means D.I.Y not S.E.X. She believes a romantic wedding should be the next step but Adam just won’t go down on one knee. Then a chance meeting with Scottie Taylor- the UK’s sexiest pop star – lights fireworks in Fern that won’t stop exploding. It’s mind-expanding love at first sight for them both so when he proposes in front of a sell-out crowd at Wembley Stadium, there’s only one answer. Yes, yes, yes! Before you know it, Fern is living the celebrity dream in LA and a wedding planner is arranging designer shoe fittings. But isn’t it all happening a little too fast? Why is this modern day Cinderella homesick for a rented two-bedroom flat in Clapham? How do you know whether love is telling the truth? Fern must choose which version of this fairy tale is hers…

16 ) The Other Woman’s Shoes

	The Other Woman's Shoes

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 8
  • Amazon: 17
  • LibraryThing: 14

Eliza and Martha are sisters. But that’s where the similarity ends. Martha appears to have the perfect life: two lovely children and plenty of money. Eliza lives in a one-bedroom flat with her musician boyfriend Greg. When Eliza ditches Greg and turns up on her sister’s doorstep, she expects to be swallowed into the sanctuary of Martha’s warm loving home. But Martha’s husband has just announced he’s leaving. For good. Proving to both women that a wedding ring isn’t a life raft. Then Martha meets Jack, who is everything she’s never wanted, whilst Eliza is dating dozens of men in hope of finding the perfect husband. Suddenly the sisters are faced with the same challenge- is there such as thing as the perfect love? or the perfect life?

15 ) Lies, Lies, Lies

	Lies, Lies, Lies

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 1
  • Amazon: 18
  • LibraryThing: 16

A brand new, gripping tale on marriage and the secrets we keep from the Sunday Times best seller Adele Parks. Daisy and Simon’s marriage is great, isn’t it? After years together, the arrival of longed-for daughter Millie sealed everything in place. A happy little family of three. And so what if Simon drinks a bit too much sometimes – Daisy’s used to it, she knows he’s letting off steam. Until one night at a party things spiral horribly out of control. And that happy little family of three will never be the same again. In Lies, Lies, Lies, Sunday Times best seller Adele Parks explores the darkest corners of a relationship in freefall in a mesmerising tale of marriage and secrets.

13 ) Still Thinking of You

	Still Thinking of You

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 9
  • Amazon: 12
  • LibraryThing: 13

13 ) Men I’ve Loved Before

	Men I've Loved Before

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 12
  • Amazon: 16
  • LibraryThing: 6

How do you know when you’ve met the one you’re meant to be with? Neil and Nat are a match made in heaven. They hate marmite and the opera. They love smelly cheese and the missionary position. And they both absolutely do not want children.At least that-s what Nat thought. But now Neil seems to have softened to the prospect of dirty nappies and sleepless nights, and he-s practically begging her for a baby. Nat, however, has no intention of swapping her high-flying career for a life of endless self-sacrifice. As the cracks start to show, Nat wonders if Neil really is the man of her dreams. Or is it possible that someone from her past could actually be -the one-?Nat-s little black book, filled with the names and addresses of previous lovers, could hold the answers she-s looking for. Or it could be a one-way ticket to all kinds of trouble. And is the perfect match too much to ask for?

12 ) The Image of You

	The Image of You

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 3
  • Amazon: 14
  • LibraryThing: 16

When all you can see is what they want you to see…can you ever trust someone you meet online? Anna and Zoe are twins. Identical in appearance, utterly different in personality, they share a bond so close that nothing – or no one – can rip them apart. Until Anna meets charismatic Nick. Anna is trusting, romantic and hopeful; she thinks Nick is perfect. Zoe is daring, dangerous and extreme; she thinks Nick is a liar. Zoe has seen Anna betrayed by men before. She’ll stop at nothing to discover if Nick is as good as he seems. The problem is, lies may hurt. But honesty can kill.

10 ) Spare Brides

	Spare Brides

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 13
  • Amazon: 4
  • LibraryThing: 12

Sunday Times best-seller Adele Parks turns her laser-sharp perception and empathy to a forgotten generation of women against the tumultuous and opulent backdrop of post-First World War England. Damaged and beautiful, they were the generation who lost so much and became ‘spare brides’. This is the powerful story of four extraordinary women left to pick up the pieces of their lives, in the scarred, glamorous and endlessly fascinating post-First World War era. New Year’s Eve, 1920: The Great War is over and it’s a new decade of glamorous promise. But a generation of men and women who survived the extreme trauma and tragedy will never be the same. With countless men lost, it seems that only wealth and beauty will secure a husband from the few who returned, but lonely Beatrice has neither attribute. Ava has both, although she sees marriage as a restrictive cage after the freedom war allowed. Sarah paid the war’s ultimate price: her husband’s life. Lydia should be grateful that her own husband’s desk job kept him safe, but she sees only his cowardice. A chance encounter for one of these women with a striking yet haunted officer changes everything. In a world altered beyond recognition, where not all scars are visible, this damaged and beautiful group must grasp any happiness they can find – whatever the cost.

10 ) The State We’re in

	The State We're in

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 13
  • Amazon: 9
  • LibraryThing: 7

What are the odds that the stranger sitting next to you on a plane is destined to change your life? Especially when they appear to be your opposite in every way. She’s a lifelong optimist; he’s a resolute cynic. In the time it takes to fly from London to Chicago, each finds something in the other that they didn’t even realise they needed. When they get off the plane their true journey begins….

8 ) Game Over

	Game Over

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 15
  • Amazon: 9
  • LibraryThing: 3

After her father walked out on her and her mother, Cas Perry decides that relationships aren’t worth the heartache. She ruthlessly manipulates everyone she comes into contact with, until she meets Darren. He believes in love, marriage, fidelity and constancy, but can he believe in Cas?

8 ) About Last Night

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 18
  • Amazon: 4
  • LibraryThing: 5

For thirty years, best friends Stephanie and Philippa have been practically inseparable. There’s nothing they would not do for one another. Until a few simple words change everything. ‘I need you to say that I was with you.’ Steph, eternally solid, considerate and dependable, is begging her best friend to lie to the police as she’s desperately trying to conceal two shocking secrets to protect her family. Pip, self-consigned to the role of scatty, frivolous hot-head is overwhelmed; she’s normally the one asking for help in a crisis although never anything as catastrophic as this. Both women have always believed that friendship is built on mutual selflessness, compromise and trust. Are those beliefs now to be tested beyond endurance?

7 ) The Stranger In My Home

	The Stranger In My Home

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 4
  • Amazon: 9
  • LibraryThing: 10

The Stranger in My Home is the utterly compelling new contemporary novel from Adele Parks, Sunday Times best-selling author of The State We’re In, sure to move, grip and delight her fans along with readers of Liane Moriarty, Jane Shemilt and Lisa Jewell. When you have everything you dreamed of, there is everything to lose. Alison is lucky, and she knows it. She has the life she always craved, including a happy home with Jeff and their brilliant, vivacious teenage daughter, Katherine – the absolute centre of Alison’s world. Then a knock at the door ends life as they know it. Fifteen years ago someone else took Alison’s baby from the hospital. And now Alison is facing the unthinkable. Her daughter belongs to someone else. What would you do if you discovered your beloved child is not yours?

5 ) Playing Away

	Playing Away

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 9
  • Amazon: 4
  • LibraryThing: 8

5 ) Young Wives’ Tales

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 18
  • Amazon: 2
  • LibraryThing: 1

Lucy stole Rose’s ‘happily ever after’ because she wanted Rose’s husband, Peter. But as Peter’s interest diminishes and Lucy’s domestic responsibilities increase, Lucy wonders if the ‘happily ever after’ is all a big con. Rose is now a devoted single mum but her twin boys seem to need her less and less and without them she wonders what she amounts to. They both envy Connie, who is happily married and effortlessly balancing two kids with a fulfilling career until, that is, a dangerous old flame flickers back into view at the school gates and threatens her marriage …All three women need more than blind belief to negotiate their way through modern life. Things can only get better …or worse. Or better?

4 ) Whatever It Takes

	Whatever It Takes

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 5
  • Amazon: 4
  • LibraryThing: 11

Adele Parks’ emotionally powerful and unputdownable new novel asks the question: are there limits as to what you’d do for love? Eloise Hamilton is a Londoner born and bred, so it is a momentous day when she reluctantly agrees to uproot to Dartmouth, leaving behind her perfect world so her husband can finally live in his. There are compensations, however. Her mother-in-law Margaret will welcome her with open arms, and besides, she can still rely on best friend Sara to be her lifeline to London. Yet, both Margaret and Sara are facing their own difficulties, and thrust into unexpected turmoil, Eloise finds she is the one holding everything together for her loved ones – and by an ever-weakening thread. As her world implodes with the strain of being responsible for all around her, someone is bound to be overlooked. And the damage might be irreparable…

3 ) If You Go Away

	If You Go Away

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 2
  • Amazon: 1
  • LibraryThing: 15

Glamorous debutantes, heartbreak and discovering just what is worth fighting for in the new historical novel from Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks. 1914. Vivian, a young, impassioned debutante is hurried into a pedestrian marriage to cover a scandal. War breaks out on her wedding day – domestically and across Europe. Quick to escape the disappointment of matrimony, her traditionalist husband immediately enlists and Vivian has no alternative than to take up the management and running of his estate – after all, everyone is required to do their bit. Even pretty, inadequately-educated young wives. Howard, a brilliant young playwright rushes to the front to see for himself the best and the worst of humanity; he cannot imagine what the horror might be. In March 1916, when conscription becomes law, it is no longer enough for him to report on the War, it’s a legal requirement that he joins the ranks. Howard refuses, becoming one of the most notorious conscientious objectors of the time. Disarmingly handsome, famous, articulate and informed, he’s a threat to the government. Narrowly escaping a death sentence by agreeing to take essential work on Vivian’s farm, it’s only then Howard understands what is worth fighting for.

2 ) I Invited Her In

	I Invited Her In

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 7
  • Amazon: 4
  • LibraryThing: 2

Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do. This is worse. When Mel receives an unexpected email from her oldest friend Abi, it brings back memories she thought she had buried forever. Their friendship belonged in the past. To those carefree days at university. But Abi is in trouble and needs Mel’s help, and she wants a place to stay. Just for a few days, while she sorts things out. It’s the least Mel can do.

1 ) Tell Me Something

	Tell Me Something

Review Website Ranks:

  • Goodreads: 6
  • Amazon: 2
  • LibraryThing: 4

Elizabeth has wanted two things her entire life to keep her happy and fulfilled – an Italian husband and lots of rosy-cheeked bambini. The first is ticked off now she’s bagged dark and sexy Roberto, the second is proving harder to achieve. But when Roberto loses his job and decides to leave London for Italy and the family business, Elizabeth hopes the change in lifestyle might help her relax and boost her chances of conceiving. Except, no matter how much ice cream she eats in the sun-drenched piazza, it’s impossible to relax when her wily mother-in-law (the original black widow) seems hellbent on destroying her marriage.The language barrier is tricky, as is Roberto’s beautiful, significant ex who practically lives next door. Is Elizabeth’s desire for a baby enough to hold her marriage together or is it ripping it apart? And why is she suddenly craving the company of a gorgeous, blond American stranger? Her filthy, flirty thoughts about him are totally inappropriate. Yet undeniably temperatures are rising …and it’s nothing to do with the Mediterranean sun.

Adele Parks’s Best Books

Adele Parks Review Website Bibliography Rankings

BookGoodreadsAmazonLibraryThingOveral Rank
Tell Me Something 6 2 4 1
I Invited Her In 7 4 2 2
If You Go Away 2 1 15 3
Whatever It Takes 5 4 11 4
Playing Away 9 4 8 5
Young Wives’ Tales 18 2 1 5
The Stranger In My Home 4 9 10 7
Game Over 15 9 3 8
About Last Night 18 4 5 8
Spare Brides 13 4 12 10
The State We’re in 13 9 7 10
The Image of You 3 14 16 12
Still Thinking of You 9 12 13 13
Men I’ve Loved Before 12 16 6 13
Lies, Lies, Lies 1 18 16 15
The Other Woman’s Shoes 8 17 14 16
Larger Than Life 11 13 16 17
Love Lies 17 15 8 17
Love Is A Journey 16 18 16 19